Welcome Realtor Partners

We’re excited about the opportunity that Rouzan represents both for you and your clients. We want your business to grow right along with ours. And we’ve thought long and hard about how to best serve everyone involved.

Rouzan Realty is the listing agency for all new homes in Rouzan. More importantly, the agency serves as a direct support to Realtors and their clients.

Top 10 FAQs

  1. What commission rate do you pay your Realtor partners?

    We pay a full 2.5% at home closing to Realtors who register their clients with Rouzan.

  2. And when is the commission paid?

    At home closing.

  3. How do I register my clients with Rouzan?

    It’s easy. Just email sales@rouzan.com of Rouzan Realty or call at 225.922.7985.

  4. Do my clients need to tell you that they’re working with me?

    Yes. If your clients visit Rouzan without you, they must indicate on their first visit that they are working with you. We do ask all our visitors if they’re working with a Realtor, but we encourage you to remind your clients of this policy before they visit Rouzan. This is key to you qualifying to receive your commission.

  5. Will I be allowed to list a resale home in Rouzan?

    Absolutely. While we are the sole listing agency for new homes in Rouzan, any real estate firm is eligible to list resale homes here.

  6. Will I be allowed to list my builder clients’ custom spec homes in Rouzan?

    To maintain a consistent experience for our customers, we must retain the initial listing for each new home in Rouzan.

  7. Will Rouzan Realty list homes outside Rouzan?

    No, our entire focus is on supporting homebuyers in Rouzan.

  8. How are available homes and home sites in Rouzan listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

    Available homes are listed within the “Residential” category under the MLS subdivision name, “Rouzan TND.” Our home sites are listed in the GBRAR MLS under the “Land – Residential Lots” category.

  9. Can we have the Rouzan Realty team give a presentation at one of our office sales meetings?

    You bet. We’ll even bring the coffee and pastries. Contact Taylor Spinosa at taylor@rouzan.com or 225.922.7985 to arrange a presentation.

  10. Can Rouzan Realty help me with a commercial investment client for Rouzan Village?

    Yes, there are a variety of opportunities available. Please contact our lead commercial Realtor, Jonann Stutzman, at jstutzman@jts.com.